England Women’s Team Subjected to Sexism From Their Own Twitter Account


It’s always baffling when a major Twitter account tweets out something that is clearly not okay. You’d think there’d be a team of people who would be hired to ensure that this isn’t the case, or at least a colleague of the person left in the charge of the account who would tap them on their shoulder every now again and say “Hey, don’t tweet that, that’ll make us all look bad.”

Case in point – this tweet from the official account of England’s national football teams:


What the individual(s) in charge of the England Twitter account appears to be suggesting here is that, regardless of their accomplishments on the pitch during the World Cup, the members of the England’s national team are now returning to their womanly duties of being mothers, partners and daughters. If you are of the mindset that this tweet isn’t sexist – which it absolutely is, but because this is the Internet there will always be a rallying cry from people who believe this is yet another instance of “political correctness gone mad” – then consider if the same would be said about the men’s national team. Imagine England’s official Twitter account posting a tweet stating how Wayne Rooney, Theo Walcott and co. were returning to England in order to “go back to being fathers, partners and sons” after crashing out of another major tournament again. You can’t imagine that, because that would never happen.

The tweet has since been deleted after popular Twitter user TechnicallyRon shared it, sarcastically adding: “SUPER AWESOME WOMEN MUST NOW RETURN TO THE KITCHEN BECAUSE WOMEN.” How anyone involved with the England account thought it would be a good idea to send out that hugely patronising tweet is astonishing.

Anyway, here’s a video of the team returning back to England and their applauding fans, before they all inevitably threw away their kits and picked up their ironing boards, as suggested by their official Twitter account:

Photo: Getty Images