Comic-Con 2015: Five Must-Have Comic-Con Exclusives

The collector’s mentality has always been an integral part of geek culture, and nowhere is it more heightened – often to a frightening degree – than at San Diego Comic-Con. Every year, fans flock to buy the latest Comic-Con exclusives, dashing down the aisles with little regard for personal safety in a frantic rush to get in line to buy the latest toys, statues and more that are only available at Comic-Con (or on eBay the week afterwards for three times the price).

This year is no exception, but with the list of Comic-Con exclusives getting bigger by the moment, you may want a helping hand. As always, Crave has you covered. The latest installment of our Countdown to Comic-Con features our picks for the five must-have comic-con exclusives this year.

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Of course, everyone’s interests are different and what excites us may not excite you quite as much. It takes all kinds and Comic-Con is there to placate all of us. You can check out a list of awesome exclusives at the official SDCC website for more offerings, just in case you’re not as big a fan of Star WarsGame of Thrones and Batman as we are.

Keep coming back to Crave as our countdown continues, and stop by all next week for regular updates, interviews, videos and more from the Comic-Con floor!

Boba Fett Prototype Minibust Comic-Con Exclusive


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