Here’s What Nicolas Cage Would Look Like In ‘Game Of Thrones’

Images: Imgur

Images: Imgur


Nicolas Cage has been turned into a lot of things — well, a lot of memes, really. This time around, the actor has been reimagined as a plethora of characters from HBO’s hit television series Game Of Thrones, and the results can’t be unseen.

A series of images entitled “Cage Of Thrones” (below) have been uploaded to the image sharing site Imgur by Reddit user CarlosDanger100, for the world to enjoy.

There’s Cage as Eddard Stark, Cage as Arya Stark, Cage as Bran Stark, Cage as Margaery Tyrell, Cage as Stannis Baratheon, and 25 other images as well.

Series five of Game Of Thrones might have ended in controversy, but the internet will always find new ways to revive the show.

Take, for example, the genius who recently combined Game Of Thrones with the comedic stylings of Seinfeld to create comedy gold. Never stop, internet. Never stop.

Watch the magic unfold with the complete gallery of Cage Of Thrones images, below.