The Honest Trailer For ‘Magic Mike’ Is Way More Accurate Than The Official One


If you need an excuse to watch the juicier sections of Channing Tatum‘s 2012 stripper movie Magic Mike without having to watch the whole film, the folks at Screen Junkies have given the film the honest trailer treatment, and in the process they’ve proved that’s there’s actually a pretty bleak plot hidden behind those abs, pecs and butts all up in everyone’s faces.

In the honest trailer for the original Magic Mike (below), the film’s strange plot takes centre stage before being kicked out of the strip club by all of the movie’s ridiculously mundane moments.

As Screen Junkies’ on point voice-over says, “If you love strippers but wish you could see all the mundane details of their daily lives, prepare to watch a lot of that, you weirdo.”

To prove its point, the voice-over describes the film as: “Two un-sexy hours full of thong purchasing, crumpled bill straightening, loan applying, furniture evaluating, bookkeeping and talking about the stock market.”

If you’re still not convinced there’s a plot packed with un-sexy baggage for the Magic Mike series, the next film, Magic Mike XXL, opens in Australia on 9th July, and its official, and less accurate, trailer is below.

What’s more, you can actually watch it with Channing Tatum in a Sydney arena a few days early — if that floats your boat.