The Last of Us 2 is On its Way, Confirms Nolan North


Naughty Dog are hard at working developing The Last of Us 2, according to ubiquitous voice actor Nolan North.

North, who starred in the original The Last of Us, let slip that the development studio are working on a follow-up to the hit 2013 game in a Q&A session at Metrocon, saying: “For now, last one I know they’re doing a Last of Us 2.”

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Watch the video below (North’s comments about The Last of Us 2 begin at around 1:06:20):

A sequel to The Last of Us has been rumored for some time, but Naughty Dog has frequently stated that while they have organized brainstorming sessions in order to discuss whether or not they could successfully continue Joel and Ellie’s story, according to North they’re already working on the game.

There has been no official confirmation of the sequel’s existence from Naughty Dog, with the studio instead focused upon the 2016 release of Uncharted 4, their next big PS4 exclusive. While we’d love to explore the world of The Last of Us again, the original game had a perfect, bittersweet ending that has led many to argue that it shouldn’t receive a sequel. However, Naughty Dog will be more aware of this than anyone, and if they are developing a follow-up to the game then we should expect that they’ll ensure the story of the original isn’t tarnished in any way.