YouTuber DSPGaming Swatted During Livestream


YouTuber DSPGaming was swatted during a Twitch livestream, with those responsible for the swatting now reportedly targeting both his and his girlfriend’s families.

Phil Burnell, who goes by the name of DSP or DarkSydePhil on YouTube, was livestreaming a play session of Batman: Arkham Knight when a SWAT team was wrongly called to his home. Fortunately, Phil had already informed the authorities that he had been the victim of doxing, meaning that his home address had been found and published online, and told them that they should expect a swatting attempt at some point in the future as a result. 

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Phil was recording his playthrough of Arkham Knight during the time of the swatting, with him plainly telling his girlfriend to hold her hands in the air while he responded to the SWAT team assembled at his home. According to Phil, after exchanging a few brief words with them in which they thanked him for already informing them that a situation such as this would arise, they allowed him to continue with his day. They also reportedly informed him that they have the information of the individual responsible.

However, Phil has now claimed that his girlfriend’s family are now being swatted, tweeting: “Whomever SWATed us yesterday is now SWATing our families, Leanna’s dad just got it and we’ve pretty much notified everybody else.” 

He has also been hit by DDoS attacks on his home Internet connection, allegedly by the same individual, meaning that he has been unable to livestream adequately and do his job.

Hopefully the individual responsible for these attacks is found by the authorities and punished, because regardless of your opinion on a livestreamer or YouTuber personality, swatting is NOT cool.