Watch Pyschic John Edward Get Grilled In Awkward Interview


Self-professed dude-who-can-speak-to-dead-people and host of Crossing Over, John Edward, is touring his brand of vague guessing of facts in Australia at the end of the year and this week went on Charlie Pickering’s The Weekly show in order to promote it, but ended up the brunt of a series of awkward jokes from comedian Tom Gleeson.

In his segment Hard Chat on this week’s episode Gleeson went to town on the unsuspecting Edward with such hard-hitting questions as can Edwards shut out the voices when he wants some “private” time and if he’s ever talked to a dead mosquito.

To his credit Edward takes the comical interview pretty well and without storming off, which I honestly thought he might do after being asked a question ostensibly about having a wank.

The Weekly airs on Australia’s ABC Wednesday nights at 8.30pm and is also available on catch up website iView