Showtime Streaming Service Joins Hulu


Earlier this month, Showtime revealed its plans to launch a standalone streaming service (which is also called Showtime) that will allow TV fans to subscribe to Showtime for $10.99 a month without having a cable box.

The price for Showtime is notably $4 less than HBO Now, the streaming service of HBO. But now Showtime will be available for an even better price if you’re a Hulu subscriber.

Showtime and Hulu have jointly announced that the Showtime streaming service will be available on Hulu beginning in July. For only $8.99 a month on top of the $7.99 Hulu subscription fee, viewers will get everything on Hulu and all of the programs that belong to Showtime.

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This deal allows Showtime to once again undercut HBO while also selling itself to Hulu’s 9 million subscribers. Showtime’s corporate sibling, CBS, is actually the only one of the Big 4 broadcast networks that didn’t buy into Hulu when it was created. However, the alliance with Hulu may help Showtime get a sizable edge over HBO Now.

Showtime Networks CEO Matthew Blank released a statement that said “Hulu is an important launch partner for Showtime as we continue to expand our service across new platforms and distributors, reaching new consumers wherever a broadband connection is available.”

Showtime has already made deals with Apple TV, Roku, and Sony PlayStation Vue ahead of the July launch for the Playstation streaming service.

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