Chris Evans Returning to TFI Friday for Eight Episodes


Chris Evans is experiencing something of a career renaissance at the moment, with the radio DJ now set to take on a further eight episode of TFI Friday alongside his recently announced role as Top Gear’s head presenter.

Channel 4 have reportedly commissioned a further eight episodes of the iconic UK show after its comeback special this past month, which pulled in 4.3 million viewers, twice as many as it did back in its heyday. Making the announcement during his Radio 2 breakfast show, Evans said that the show was “coming back for a short but perfectly formed run of eight shows pre-Christmas”.

The presenter added: “Oh my goodness, are we really going to get to do this again? Looks like it – and leading into Christmas too.

“I might actually spontaneously explode on live television due to over excited-ness. Does that still count as unpredictable cos I’ve said it now?”


Liam Gallagher accompanied by Roger Daltrey and a terrible haircut at the TFI Friday comeback special.

Evans previously presented TFI Friday from 1996-2000, with it widely being credited as shaking up the format of evening television. Broadcast live to the UK, the show featured a variety of famous musical guests, alongside off-the-wall segments and an array of controversies, from Shaun Ryder ensuring the show was never broadcast live again (until now) by turning the air blue with foul language, to Emma “Baby Spice” Bunton putting Evans in an awkward position by detailing the time he told her and the rest of the Spice Girls to “fuck off back to Live and Kicking.”

The show’s return was a bit of a weird one, given that it featured a variety of the same guests but who had now grown older and wrinklier, making it both a bit of a fun blast from the past and a reminder of the inevitability of death.

Maybe the new series won’t force us into an existential crisis when it airs later this year.

Photo: Getty Images