Five Thrilling Theme Parks That Only Exist in Movies

Jurassic World Theme Park Fictional Theme Parks in Movies


Some audiences treat movies like they’re rides. You pay for the ticket, you pay way too much for food, and you sit down and experience crazy, unbelievable and awesome things unfold on screen in front of you.

So it makes perfect sense that a movie like Jurassic World is set to become one of the highest grossing movies in history. Colin Trevorrow’s film takes audiences on a ride that is, in itself, filled with awesome rides. Who cares if they all break down and the attractions start killing everybody? The people on the real ride – in the movie theater instead of the fictional park – are safe and sound and having the time of their lives, living vicariously through the characters in Jurassic World while safely judging them from afar.

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Jurassic World wasn’t the first film to benefit from creating a fictional, awesome amusement park. Even Jurassic Park can’t hold that title. The inherent entertainment value of creating a fictional theme park that could not exist in reality is a fantastic storytelling device for entertainers in a variety of genres, including sci-fi, animation and horror.

So we here at CraveOnline thought we’d scour our brains and share with you the best fictional movie theme parks we’ve ever seen. If they were real, we’d totally go, but in some cases we’re probably better off without them. The death toll would be enormous, and the insurance rates would be staggering.


Five Thrilling Theme Parks That Only Exist in Movies:


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