Bombas – The Socks That Give Back



Everyone has that one thing in their closet that whenever you put it on, you unequivocally feel like a million bucks. For many, it’s pair of jeans, or a hat, or a sentimental t-shirt, but for me it’s a pair of socks – Bombas to be exact. 

I was introduced to Bombas by a friend of mine, and I haven’t looked back since. I literally wear these socks almost every day of the week! 

On top of the fact that Bombas not only feel extremely soft and comfortable, the company also donates one pair of socks to charity for every pair that’s sold. “Socks are the number one most requested item at homeless shelters” was the quote that inspired the creation of this company, and since that day Bombas has been creating socks that are engineered specifically to meet the needs of people who don’t have the luxury of a clean pair of socks every day. 

So far they have donated over 336,500 socks to homeless shelters around the country, and that number is only climbing.

 Learn more about all the good Bombas does in the video below