Arnold Schwarzenegger Pretended to be a Wax Statue of Himself in Madame Tussauds


Arnold Schwarzenegger is back and looking old as fuck in Terminator Genisys, so of course he’s doing the promotional rounds in order to convince us that we should go and watch his brand new film in which He’ll Be Back… Again.

Recently he’s been doing a little trip of the UK (or rather, London), pedalling around the city on a Boris Bike and, in this new video, pretending to be the T-800 in order to scare visitors at London’s Madame Tussauds waxwork museum. 

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Arnold dons his black leather jacket/trousers combo in order to utterly terrify the museum’s visitors, who pose for photographs with him whilst under the impression that he’s just another waxwork. It’s either a testament to the skill of Tussaud’s waxwork artists or a damning indictment of Arnold’s appearance that they all believed the former California governor was made out of wax.

Check out the video below:

Also, it strikes me as a little odd that none of these people were really all too concerned by the fact that they had just been pranked by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Maybe it was that they were in a state of shock, but they all seem to be quite nonchalant about being in the presence of arguably the most iconic action hero in film history.

The Terminator impersonator in particular seems curiously apathetic about sharing the company of the man who is the very foundation of his career, instead choosing to improv with him through a series of Terminator quotes. I know us British are aloof, but this seems a little OTT.