Shark Week On Discovery Canada Begins July 5th

Shark Week

Lurking below the surface, the silent hunters are back for summer’s highly anticipated annual TV event, Discovery’s Shark Week, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary – the programming begins on July 5th.

This year’s unprecedented lineup features more content, more hours, and more sharks than any previous Shark Week (45 hours in total), with primetime scheduling airing day-and-date with Discovery U.S., complementing a wide range of original Canadian content. In addition to the eight nights in July, Discovery is introducing extra Shark Week programming in August, making 2015 the “Summer of the Shark”.

Co-hosts Ziya Tong and Dr. Dan Riskin return to anchor Canada’s Shark Week on Daily Planet. Featuring dozens of original shark science stories and content from nearly every inch of the world’s oceans, each episode spotlights the world’s biggest, most enigmatic species of sharks – the megamouth, goblin shark, edestus shark, angel shark, tiger shark, and much more. Highlights from the week’s story lineup includes an unbelievable capture of a great white; a dive down under to meet the “alien of the deep”; an introduction to “Shark Girl”, Madison Stewart; the Usain Bolt of sharks; a trip to Bimini, Bahamas with Andy Brandy Casagrande, a shark cameraman who captures the world’s closest encounters; and a hunt in Quebec to find the world’s deepest and unknown sharks.

Shark Week runs from July 5-12 on Discovery Canada.

Photo: Shark Week/Discovery Canada