Dark Souls 3 Trailer Revealed at E3 2015 with Little Hyperbole


A trailer for From Software’s Dark Souls 3 was unveiled during Microsoft’s press conference at E3 2015.

The existence of the game was leaked prior to E3, but the LA event marked the first time that the third entry in the Dark Souls trilogy had been officially announced. The trailer highlighted the hulking beasts and gothic settings that have become all too familiar with Dark Souls players.

Weirdly considering the high profile of the series, not much was made by Microsoft regarding the trailer announcement; the clip simply aired, before cutting to Tom Clancy’s The Division. Maybe the game being leaked prior to the event took the wind out of Microsoft’s sails?

The trailer also revealed that Dark Souls 3 is set for an early 2016 release, so hopefully we see some gameplay at some point during this year’s E3.