Watch Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles Episode 3

Justice League Gods and Monsters Episode 3

Justice League: Gods and Monsters marks the return of Bruce Timm to the DC animated film library. And this film promises a Justice League that we’ve never seen before.

Warner Bros. Animation and Machinima have been building up to the film this week with a three part, Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles series of animated shorts. In the first episode, we saw the new Batman, Kirk Langstrom, who is a vampire. The second short focused on Superman, who is the son of Zod in this reality.

Today’s newly released episode 3 puts the spotlight on Wonder Woman. In this world, that role is filled by Bekka, a previously minor character in The New Gods. And surprisingly, Bekka is a lot of fun as Wonder Woman. She embraces the New Gods’ technology and uses a Boom Tube constantly. Also, her Mother Box is a f***in’ sword!

But what’s really terrific about this Wonder Woman is how funny she is, and the hilarious way that she dominates her relationship with Steve Trevor even in the middle of their battle with Giganta.

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Tamara Taylor stars in Justice League: Gods & Monsters as Bekka / Wonder Woman, with Michael C. Hall as Kirk Langstrom/Batman, Benjamin Bratt as Superman, Jason Isaacs as Lex Luthor, Paget Brewster as Lois Lane, C. Thomas Howell as Dr. Will Magnus. Bruce Timm and Alan Burnett developed the story, which was scripted by Burnett and the film was directed by Sam Liu.

Justice League: Gods & Monsters hits DVD, Blu-ray and digital formats on July 28, 2015.

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