The Crystal Maze is Returning as an “Immersive Experience” in London


The popular ’90s UK game show Crystal Maze is set to return, but rather than being a straight-up revival of the series, its website states that it will be a “live, immersive experience” hosted in London.

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An artist’s impression of the new-look maze shows various different zones in which its participants must venture through, along with a balcony in which those not participating can watch the action unfold. The show’s official website has a form viewers can fill out in order to “register their interest,” with it reading: “Be the first on the show.”


An artist’s impression of what the Crystal Maze will look like.

The official Instagram page of the show also revealed what the series’ new uniforms will look like, with those infamous bomber jackets having been given a fresh overhaul for their 2015 revival:


Further details of the new show will be revealed on June 14th, but honestly, we don’t care what they do with it as long as the old theme tune remains intact and we get at least one glimpse of Richard O’Brien shiny head.