E3 2015: Our Top 10 Most Anticipated Video Games


Forget your fancy pants virtual reality headsets, your Windows 10, your UI updates and your software patches: E3 is all about the games. Those sweet, sweet video games that we all love, that distract us from the futility of life and, for a few fleeting hours, allow us to live our lives as someone else. Someone else who probably owns a gun, or is incredibly adept at hand-to-hand combat or, in the case of Nintendo games, is pretty nifty with a paint roller.

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While there are likely going to be a smattering of games unveiled at E3 2015 that we couldn’t possibly predict, bear in mind that the following top 10 list of our most anticipated games are either dead certs to appear at the expo, or are the examples of us indulging in some wishful thinking. It should also be noted that the list may exclude some particularly high-profile releases from the major gaming companies (see: Uncharted 4 and Halo 5), but their absence is not necessarily due to us not caring about them, but because we’ve been inundated with plenty of details about them already and we want to see more of games we know less about. In other words, don’t be mad at us, Uncharted and Halo fans: it’s not you, it’s us.

Here are our top 10 most anticipated video games we’ll (hopefully) be seeing a lot more of at E3 2015: