Watch Stephen Colbert Write A New ‘Late Show’ Theme Song

Image: YouTube / The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Image: YouTube / The Late Show With Stephen Colbert


Stephen Colbert, the former host of satirical talk show The Colbert Report, will reemerge in less-satirical form for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert this September, but before then, the comedian/writer/producer/actor/critic has a few things to prepare, including a new Late Show theme song.

In a video recently released to the interwebs, Colbert lets us all into his office as he plugs away at a new ditty on a Casio keyboard.

With a copy of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s book Dianetics on his desk, Colbert generates the immaculate lyrics, “What time is it? It’s late / What show is it? It’s show / My name’s Stephen Colbert / From my head down to my… feet.”

In the background, on Colbert’s whiteboard, is a list of eight things The Late Show needs before it’s premiere on CBS on 8th September. Here’s the full list, with number one now crossed off, of course.

Show Needs

1. Theme Song

2. Things To Say

3. More Things To Say

4. Refreshing Sandwich

5. Harvest Organs From Clown

6. Bolo Tie?


8. GET OXY!!

Thankfully, Colbert has already secured a new Late Show bandleader, who he introduced to the world earlier this month, but there’s still a lot of work to do. Catch Stephen Colbert’s Late Show theme-writing session, below.