Is ‘Bad Boys 3’ Finally Coming For You?

Bad Boys 3

Bad Boys fans rejoice, because this shit’s finally about to get real. Again.

Reports are coming in that Sony Pictures is trying to fast-track Bad Boys 3 to take advantage of a hole in Will Smith’s schedule. They already have a script by David Guggenheim (Safe House), and they are now in early talks with director Joe Carnahan (The Grey) to rewrite that draft and – hopefully – get the film in front of cameras shortly after Smith finishes production on David Ayer’s Suicide Squad.

Bad Boys 3 is a film, that frankly, a lot of people need. Will Smith hasn’t starred in a hit film since 2012’s Men in Black 3, and even before that he had been struggling for years to star in another popular feature. Joe Carnahan’s only feature film since the 2011 hit The Grey – the Patrick Wilson comedy Stretch – was barely released at all. And Martin Lawrence… oh dear god, you guys, Martin Lawrence needs this so bad. You don’t want him making Big Momma’s House 4, do you?

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Absent from Deadline‘s story is Michael Bay, who directed the first two Bad Boys but has been mostly stuck in Transformers land for the better part of a decade. Although Bay’s explosive cinematic style was a big part of what made the Bad Boys movies popular in the first place, Carnahan has proven himself to be a similarly outlandish action filmmaker in films like Smokin’ Aces and The A-Team, and seems like a fitting choice to take over the franchise.

No word yet on the plot of Bad Boys 3, but we imagine it will have something to do with cracking wise and shooting guys. Carnahan’s deal isn’t set in stone yet, and with such a narrow window to get the film made, it seems likely that Bad Boys 3 might not come together the way Sony hopes.

In fact, all we know for sure is that, somewhere in Sandford, Danny Butterman is smiling.

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