Next Destiny Expansion ‘The Taken King’ will Reportedly Cost a Whopping $40


Leaked marketing materials obtained by Kotaku have seemingly outed Destiny‘s next expansion, reportedly revealing that it will open up a brand new subclass for each of the game’s three classes.

The expansion, allegedly titled The Taken King, will apparently be released on September 15th and will feature the typical selection of Strikes, story missions and PvP arenas as featured in the game’s previous two expansions.

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Kotaku also reports that The Taken King will feature a new raid that will see players battling against Oryx, father of Crota, the boss in Destiny’s first expansion The Dark Below.


However, there is one catch: the DLC will allegedly cost a whopping $40. We don’t know what The Taken King could possibly include to warrant that incredibly high asking price, but it’d have to be something special. While many felt that the game’s last expansion The House of Wolves greatly improved the game, $40 is an awful lot to ask for DLC even if it does make some major changes to the title. Many complained that, at $19.99 each, Destiny‘s previous expansions were too expensive, so Bungie announcing a $40 price point for The Taken King presumably wouldn’t go down too well, either.

Though Bungie declined to comment on whether or not this rumor has any truth behind it, we should find out much more at E3 next week. For the sake of Bungie’s PR team, we hope that the price is lower than has been suggested.