Woman Suffers ‘Life Threatening’ Injuries From Broken Bat At Red Sox Game

Oakland Athletics v Boston Red Sox

A woman had to be stretchered out of Fenway Park Friday night with life threatening injuries after she was hit by a broken bat during the A’s-Red Sox game.

The incident happened during a hit ball in the 2nd inning when A’s third baseman Brett Lawrie’s bat split in half and went careening into the stands. Based on the little video and pictures we have, the bat appears to have struck the woman in the head.

Here’s an edited sequence of the incident. Warning: some may find it disturbing.

We’re waiting on more updates, but here’s an excerpt describing the incident. Sounds incredibly scary.


Alex Merlis, of Brookline, Massachusetts, said he was sitting in the row behind the woman when the broken bat flew into the seats just a few rows from the field between home plate and the third base dugout.

“It was violent,” he said of the impact to her forehead and top of her head. “She bled a lot. A lot. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that.”

And more from the Boston Globe.
With the fans enjoying the game on a cool evening, and their team leading 1-0 in the second inning, Oakland Athletics batter Brett Lawrie hit a ball and shattered his bat, leaving only the handle in his hands while the barrel of it went screaming into the crowd. It struck the woman, who was sitting with a man and her son near the visitors’ dugout on the third base side, and her screams could immediately be heard by fans and even those listening to the game on the radio. Authorities have described the injuries as life-threatening. 
Paramedics and police rushed to the seats as the game was stopped and fans covered their mouths and either stared at the commotion, or looked away intentionally.

A Boston police officer scooped up the young boy who was with her and shielded his eyes from the scene, and players from both teams stood outside their dugouts and peered into the stands with grave expressions on their faces. Red Sox president Larry Lucchino was seen down on the field with the emergency workers.

After several minutes of medical attention, the woman was placed on a stretcher, with blood visible on much of her clothing, and wheeled behind home plate, in front of the Red Sox dugout, and out of the park, screaming in pain while thousands looked on with concern.

As of now there are no updates on the woman’s condition and reports say the family requests to respect their privacy.
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