The Stand May Be a Miniseries on Showtime

The Stand 

Twenty one years ago, Stephen King’s The Stand was adapted as a TV miniseries on ABC. More recently, Warner Bros. and CBS films have been planning a feature film adaptation of The Stand with The Fault In Our Stars director, Josh Boone slated to direct it.

The Wrap is reporting that The Stand may be adapted as both a movie and an eight-part miniseries on Showtime. According to the report, Boone would write and direct The Stand miniseries as a lead up to the feature film. Presumably the miniseries would cover the virus that wipes out most of humanity while bringing the survivors together as the enigmatic Randall Flagg gathers his dark forces.

Under that scenario, The Stand feature film would be able focus on the final confrontation between Flagg and the main characters. That would also allow for more of King’s novel to be adapted than a three hour movie alone could possibly handle.

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Although Warner Bros. owns HBO, this proposed miniseries is heading to Showtime because CBS Films is co-producing The Stand while Warner Bros. is distributing the feature film. Essentially, it’s a trade off.

King, Boone and producers Roy Lee and Jimmy Miller will reportedly have meetings next week to finalize their plans for The Stand. If everything goes forward, The Stand miniseries and the feature film may begin production as soon as next year.