Fallout 4 Will Be Released in 2015 According to Online Retailer


When Fallout 4 was announced yesterday not only was it surprising to see an unveiling of a video game that didn’t take the form of a 30-second teaser, but it was also a little alarming to see a debut trailer that actually consisted of in-game footage; three minutes and five seconds of it, to be exact.

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The trailer suggested that the game was far closer to completion than any of us really expected it would be, and now UK-based online retailer GAME has pegged it for a “TBC 2015” release date, suggesting that it may arrive on PS4, Xbox One and OC this year.


GAME is the biggest chain of physical video game retailers in the UK, so they would certainly be the ones in the know if Fallout 4 were to have a 2015 release date. While many would anticipate a newly announced game to not make its way to store shelves until at least another year or so, it seems that Bethesda may exceed expectations and make Fallout 4 one of our most highly anticipated games of this year.

Developers Bethesda are set to reveal more about the game during their E3 press conference, which will take place on June 14th at 7pm PST.