Exclusive Preview: Convergence: Action Comics # 1

For the final week of the first month of Convergence, DC Comics is throwing the spotlight on the superhero that started it all: Superman!

Convergence: Action Comics features the Pre-Crisis Superman and Power Girl under the dome in Metropolis and without their superpowers on the planet Telos. In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview from Convergence: Action Comics # 1, we see how Clark Kent and Lois Lane have adjusted to the new status quo of their lives as the story hints at a conflict to come with the Soviet Superman from Superman: Red Son.


Writer Justin Gray and artist Claude St-Aubin are the creative team of Convergence: Action Comics # 1, which comes with a cover by Amanda Conner and a variant cover by Chip Kidd. Convergence: Action Comics # 1 hits comic stores on Wednesday, April 29.