12 Mutants Who Got Screwed Over By The X-Men Movies

Comic-Con 2015 Deadpool X-Men Movies


The upcoming Deadpool movie made quite a splash at Comic-Con 2015, in part because the trailer actively made fun of the fact that 20th Century Fox completely screwed up the character in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine

It was a cute joke, and the apology was a long time coming, but it only calls attention to the fact that although Fox has turned the X-Men into an incredibly lucrative movie franchise, they have a long history of completely screwing up classic X-Men characters in one way or another. Reducing great mutants to pointless cameos, repeatedly reintroducing the same characters over and over again and just hoping we wouldn’t notice, these are just a few examples from a studio that didn’t always have a plan in place for the X-Men series. For fans of the comics it has been frustrating as hell.

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With more X-Men movies on the horizon – probably forever at this rate – Crave is taking stock of 12 great characters from the comics who got completely screwed over by the films. Sometimes more than once.

Fox, you may have fixed Deadpool, but you still have a long way to go to remove all of this red from your ledger. Get cracking!


14 Mutants Who Got Screwed Over By The X-Men Movies:

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