Margot Robbie Nearly Wiped Out A Top Gear Cameraman

margot robbie 2

Wolf of Wall Street actress Margot Robbie‘s recent stint behind the wheel of a Top Gear UK track challenge was a memorable one.

The former Neighbours cast member turned Hollywood star joined the Top Gear team along with Focus co-star Will Smith for the show’s ‘Star In A Reasonably Priced Car’ segment. It ended with the 24-year-old almost crushing Iain the cameraman when she flew off a sharp corner (check out the footage below or a more detailed version at the BBC’s Top Gear website).

“I overshot the corner a little bit, I may have almost hit Iain the cameraman…,” a flustered Robbie said from her car afterwards.

“Is [Will] here yet, did he see that?,” she asked the crew. “Please no one tell him I did that. No one tell him about the cameraman please!”

“We’re really competitive, I’d really like to be better than him at something!”

But Robbie’s no slouch in the driver’s seat, surpassing Smith by 1/10th of a second with a time of 47.1.

“I get a fair few speeding fines, but yeah, so, I’m a little bit impatient maybe, but I think relatively safe,” said Robbie, grading herself.

Fellow Aussie Daniel Ricciardo last week surpassed F1 rival Lewis Hamilton with a 42.9-second lap time, becoming the segment’s fastest ever participant.

Image: BBC.