Drunk Sports: Charles Barkley Admits Intoxication During Game After Failed Lakers Trade


Twenty three years ago, Charles Barkley was given a reason to celebrate.

He thought he was going to be traded to the Los Angeles Lakers from the Philadelphia 76ers. He was told the trade went through, so thinking it was a done deal was not far fetched. So naturally, he began to celebrate by having a bit of a boozy lunch.

Unfortunately, he received word soon thereafter that the trade had fallen through; the 76ers had backed out. Well, that left Barkley a bit intoxicated, yet he went on to play against Cleveland that night. Apparently it didn’t phase him much, because he still pulled in 23 points and 9 rebounds.

The 76ers still lost that night, so it was lose-lose for Charles. No trade, no win; a total buzzkill.

Thanks to NESN for this interesting bit of NBA history as revealed by Barkley.