Exclusive Preview: Earth 2: World’s End # 20

Earth 2’s war with Darkseid has been extremely one sided. Despite the small victories claimed by the heroes of Earth, the forces of Apokolips have relentlessly advanced Darkseid’s destructive agenda for the planet.

Darkseid’s latest Deathspawn has struck at the very core of the Earth itself and severely injured the Parliament of Earth 2’s elementals. In this exclusive preview from Earth 2: World’s End # 20, Green Lantern Alan Scott learns the extent of the latest damage before reuniting with his desperate team of Avatars as they attempt to succeed where the great powers have failed.

Meanwhile, Batman and his granddaughter, the Huntress find themselves trapped in New York as the city is destroyed by Darkseid’s machinations.







The solicitation copy for this issue teases that “Apokolips’ plans for Earth-2 are finally revealed, leaving the heroes in shock!”

Writers Mike Johnson, Marguerite Bennett, and Daniel H. Wilson team up with artists Jorge Jimenez, Eduardo Pansica, Robson Rocha and Jack Herbert in Earth 2: World’s End # 20, which will be out in comic stores on Wednesday, February 18.