Dating Site Survey Suggests Men Find Reading, Using the Computer and Volunteering Turnoffs

Woman flirting with uninterested male friend

A survey taken by dating site eHarmony has revealed that many of its male users have a very odd selection of turnoffs that would mean roughly 100% of the site’s female users would be unappealing to them. 

The survey was conducted by the site and then published by Australian newspaper the Sydney Morning Herald, before Twitter user Holly Throsby took a snapshot of the alarming results which promptly went viral. 

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The top five “hobbies that turn men off” according to eHarmony’s users included going to the movies, watching TV, reading, volunteering and, in the top spot, using the computer. That’s the entire female population of planet Earth ruled out, then.


The results of the survey were met with derision and condemnation, and it’s questionable why eHarmony chose to publish them in the first place, given that this isn’t exactly welcoming for any prospective female users of the site.

While it’s easy to think of the men who took part in this survey as being insufferable dickheads, we should also have some degree of sympathy for them. After all, imagine what it must be like to find yourself becoming unattracted to a woman because she enjoys taking part in charity work, or sometimes spends an evening browsing the internet on her laptop?