Man Dies in Car Crash Whilst Delivering Valentine’s Day Gift to Girlfriend


A man died in a tragic accident whilst on his way to deliver a gift to his girlfriend before Valentine’s Day.

44-year-old Mark Jones was killed in a motorway crash on the M65 near Burnley in the UK, when his black BMW flipped onto its roof after veering into the central reservation. Mr Jones was on his way to deliver a Valentine’s gift to his girlfriend, 40-year-old Alison Sutcliffe, on Friday evening, a day before Valentine’s Day.

A team of firefighters shut down the stretch of road for four hours following the accident, attempting to remove Mr Jones’ body from the wreckage. Unfortunately, police reported that he had died on the scene.

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It is currently suspected that the accident was a result of a mechanical fault with the car, or that Mr Jones, who suffered from a weak heart and high blood pressure, was taken ill at the wheel. According to police, a report was made prior to the accident by another driver, who said that Mr Jones’ car was driving erratically. 

Mr Jones had two children from a previous marriage. Following his untimely passing his mother, 64-year-old Jackie Rogers, said: “He was the loveliest person you were every going to meet and he idolised his children. He thought the world of his kids and his time with Alison was the happiest of his life.

“The last thing he said to me was ‘I love you mum’ which is fitting really.”

Miss Sutcliffe added: “It was love at first sight and I don’t think that I will ever have that again. He was amazing with my 21-month-old son Reuben and we were planning on getting married and having another child.

“He was so thoughtful, spontaneous and caring and I can’t believe what has happened.”

The Lancashire Police has requested that anyone with any details regarding the accident step forward.