Joe Namath Sings Praises of Tom Brady

Joe Namath Sings Praises of Tom Brady

We all get compliments from the people that care about us when we do something noteworthy or skillful.

But sometimes, someone extends a few words to you that will live with you forever. That happened to Tom Brady recently, as New York Jets hall-of-famer Joe Namath decided to heap the blessings high.

Namath is quoted as saying the following:

No one’s ever been better than Tom Brady, I don’t believe. I have a hard time calling anybody in any sport ‘the best’ because of the changes in the game, certainly, and because of the greats that were ahead of them, but I will say, no one has ever played the game better than Tom Brady. You start looking at numbers, and sometimes statistics tell a story, and sometimes they don’t tell the whole story. It’s such a team game. But Tom has answered the bell. He has answered every challenge. “He’s great. He’s great. No one has ever done it better.

If I were Brady, I’d print those words and frame them. That being said, do you agree with Joe Namath?

Thanks to NESN for this story.

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