Daniel London & Li Jun Li Will Headline Fox’s Minority Report

Daniel London

When Fox set up its Minority Report TV series as a sequel to Steven Spielberg’s 2002 Minority Report adaptation, no one expected Tom Cruise or any of that film’s stars to return. However, one of the supporting actors will be back for the TV series.

Deadline is reporting that Daniel London will play Wally the Caretaker in the Minority Report television show, a role he originated in the feature film. Wally was the man who was in charge of looking after the three precogs who could predict future crimes.

The Minority Report TV series is set ten years after the film, as one of the precogs (calling himself Dash) finds a new purpose in his life by teaming up with Detective Lara Vega to solve new crimes before they happen. Actress Li Jun Li will play Lara Vega, but the role of Dash has not been cast yet.

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Prior to this project, London appeared in The Americans, Gotham, Black Box, Blue Bloods and Rent. Li’s credits include Hostages, Unforgettable, The Following, Body of Proof and Damages.

Minority Report is expected to contend for a slot on Fox’s Fall 2015 TV schedule. Production of the pilot episode will begin later this year.