Dying Light to Add Hard Mode, New Skins


One of the flaws of Dying Light, this quarter’s major zombie release, was that it got too easy as the game went on. Unlocking better weapons and powerful abilities made zombies only threatening in hordes. This prompted gamers to find ways to make the game hard.

Techland has heard these complaints, and promises to deliver a hard difficulty mode “soon. For free,” they announced via Twitter on Feb. 11.

They also announced new skins, though whether or not these are for characters or zombies remains to be seen. After releasing a slightly disappointing season pass offering, it’s nice to see them offer to make the game better for free.

Some of the creative ways players used to make the game more difficult included doing a no weapons run, turning off the HUD, only playing at night, etcetera. The details of how Techland will integrate a higher difficulty for Dying Light are forthcoming, but exciting, especially if they include any of the ways players have used.

Dying Light‘s first DLC just dropped, that included two new quarantine zones, after making the “Be the Zombie” mode free.