Cheating Husband Caught by Wife After Steamy Photos Posted on Facebook


I don’t condone cheating in any way, shape or form, but I do believe that if you are going to do something then you should do it properly, so I find the story of this cheating husband going at it with a woman in the window of a bank utterly baffling.

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The image you see above (and the ones you’ll see below) were taken by patrons of a bar opposite Rabobank in New Zealand, where the man and woman were seen passionately clinching, before going at it, in plain sight to everyone passing the building. Inevitably people took photos of the event, which were then shared on Facebook. After the images went viral, the man’s wife happened upon them, with the woman’s ex-fiance Josh (who had already split up with her prior to this story breaking) going into a little more detail regarding the very public display of affection.


The man, who also reportedly has two kids with his wife, and woman are co-workers, with them both working for Christchurch insurance company Marsh Ltd. According to News AU, “neither the man or the woman were at work today. Calls to their office lines were answered by colleagues and the man wasn’t answering his cellphone.” Josh told the outlet: “You don’t want to see your ex on the telly doing that [but] it’s got nothing to do with me.”

He continued: “She’s a really nice person, she never made any mistakes, but unfortunately she made this one and it’s gone worldwide.”


No contact has been made to the (we now presume ex) husband involved in this tryst, though we can imagine his thoughts are “I should’ve closed the bloody curtains.”

The funny side of this embarrassing story, though, is that the bar opposite fell into a stunned silence, with even the band that were playing there on that particular evening putting down their instruments… before breaking into a rendition of Kings of Leon’s ‘Sex on Fire’. 

Well played, band. Well played.

Images: Facebook