Indianapolis Colts Linebacker Assaults Pizza Delivery Driver For Using Parking Spot


Imagine the following scenario:

A pizza is ordered and the delivery guy shows up, as one might expect, with pizza in hand. You begin to exchange product and payment, but before that is completed, you glance over his shoulder…and you see his lowly, tattered, “delivery-person status” vehicle in a particular parking spot, and your blood starts boiling with rage. Your natural reaction is to insist that the delivery person move their vehicle despite them explaining that the space will only be momentarily occupied. Ignoring the pleas of the driver, you wind up…and punch them in the face and the head.

Oh, wait, none of the above is normal or something you would ever consider doing? Well, apparently it is for D’Qwell Jackson of the Indianapolis Colts.

Damned pizza delivery drivers, occupying space and stuff; how dare they. Hope D’Qwell enjoyed his dinner.

(Jackson was arrested and cited with simple assault, in case you were wondering)

Hat tip to NESN for this story.