Hotline Miami 2 Gets Release Date in the Coolest Way


If a game developer posts a phone number on Twitter, you should probably call it. With the latest official tweet about Hotline Miami 2, we now have a March. 10 release date. The Hotline Miami Twitter account tweeted this:

Calling the number gives a garbled message telling callers to “M-m-m-m-arch” forward before saying “You have reached a wrong number,” an obvious reference to Hotline Miami 2‘s subtitle. The message is from the 50 Blessings, the group who sends Jacket the voice messages in the first Hotline Miami

The extension doesn’t work, however. So what could it mean? Why not a March 10 Hotline Miami 2 release date? With publisher Devolver Digital retweeting the news, this seems all but confirmed. 

This is certainly the most interesting way a developer has announced a release date in quite some time. Usually the most they can offer is tweeting a picture, the way Dying Light did with its release date.

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Hotline Miami 2 is already embroiled in controversy after being denied a rating, and effectively banned, in Australia, but developer Dennaton Games seems to be unphased, going forth with a viral marketing campaign.

With the release date a little more than a month away, we can expect more shenanigans from the devs of the stylized kill-em-up.