First Look: Superman’s New Costume

When DC launched the New 52 reboot in 2011, several of their iconic superheroes were redesigned by Jim Lee. This led to a lot of costumes with popped collars and unnecessary lines.

Superman’s redesign embodied the look of the New 52, and it did away with his famous red underwear on the outside of his costume. Superman’s costume was also drawn to look more like Kryptonian battle armor as opposed to his previous uniforms that looked more like fabric.

DC’s solicitations for the upcoming Superman # 38 by Geoff Johns and artist John Romita Jr. promised a “new costume, new powers and new friends and enemies.” Now Bleeding Cool has posted Romita Jr.’s cover for Superman # 39, which offers a very good look at the new costume that he designed.

Superman 39

To refresh your memory of what the previous costume looked like, here’s a splash page drawn by Lee from Justice League # 1.


Superman New 52

The most obvious differences between the two are at the top of Superman’s new costume. In the new costume, his popped collar is gone and the upper area of his chest and shoulders appear to have more armor, but there are fewer lines on the costume itself. Superman’s boots have also been changed and the insignia on his belt is now yellow instead of red.

Another change is that Superman’s new costume now includes fingerless gloves… which I predict will be this costume’s “popped collar” among the fans who dislike any alterations to their favorite superheroes.

Superman # 38 will be released on Wednesday, February 4.