The Top 10 Blu-rays of January 2015

Lucy Luc Besson


Before I left for Sundance, I gathered all of the Blu-rays I received in January into a pile and started popping them into my Blu-ray player to make this list. I knew Sundance would keep me busy until February 1 and I didn’t want to be late. January actually sees a lot of high profile titles from the end of 2014 coming home, and a few classic catalog titles.

I usually focus on how the Blu-ray looks, since that’s what we buy Blu-rays for. Most of the extras are the same across Blu-ray and DVD, although occasionally there is cause celebre for a certain bonus feature. This month only, I also included a movie released only on DVD, because it’s just so good I have to recommend it in any format. 


The Top 9 Blu-rays (and 1 DVD) of 2015: 

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