Supergirl Will Fight Lumberjack on CBS

Dexter Lumberjack

Whenever a network tackles a comic book property, it’s usually wise to reassure fans that the creative team knows what they’re doing. Greg Berlanti has a fairly solid track record with “Arrow” and “The Flash” on The CW. So perhaps Berlanti deserves the benefit of the doubt when he reimagines Jimmy Olsen as “an Alpha Male” for the upcoming “Supergirl” TV series.

But Berlanti is starting to push his luck.

TVLine is reporting that the very first villain that Kara Zor-El will go up against is… Lumberjack. A comic book villain so obscure that he’s only appeared once in an issue of Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman # 268), courtesy of creators Gerry Conway and Jose Delbo.

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While I’m sure that the Lumberjack can inspire fear in trees everywhere, the “Supergirl” creative team is going to have to do a lot of work to make him a viable villain… if they can.

According to the report, the producers are looking to cast a “big, burly monster of a man, who has battled Kara’s cousin [Superman] in the past” and shows up to ascertain her level of power, on behalf of an unseen superior.” The report also notes that “Game of Thrones” actor Rory McCann,(who played the Hound) is their template for the part.

“Supergirl” will debut on the CBS Fall 2015 TV schedule.