AVN Awards 2015: Stormy Daniels Can Have Sex With Herself

Stormy Daniels has a real job, thank you. 

Our 2015 AVN Awards correspondent Ela Darling ran into Stormy Daniels, and has a brief chat with her about… the other her. In case you hadn’t heard, Wicked Pictures and RealDoll have teamed up to make a realistic, full-sized silicone Stormy Daniels sex doll, which is now available for purchase at the RealDoll website


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The doll, by the way, is a steal at only $6,249.00 (applicable taxes not included). Daniels’ boyfriend was so taken with the doll that she made an adult film, starring him, wherein he got to have sex with one, and with her. So one person on this planet, at least, can have a threesome with Stormy Daniels and a second Stormy Daniels. She’s an awesome girlfriend. Daniels tells you a bit about her doll, her views on porn, and her brief stint into local politics. Watch the video to find out where you could have voted for her. Like, for reals. 

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