CBS Orders ‘Rush Hour’ TV Pilot


There may not be a fourth Rush Hour film on the horizon, but there will be a “Rush Hour” TV pilot in the near future.

Deadline has confirmed that CBS has ordered three new pilots, including “Rush Hour,” “Super Clyde” and “Joe Time.” “Rush Hour” is inspired by the feature film trilogy that starred Jackie Chan as “a stoic, by-the-book Hong Kong police officer,” and Chris Tucker as “a cocky LAPD officer who has no interest in a partner.”

The potential “Rush Hour” TV series will recast both leading roles while maintaining the premise of the original movie. Rush Hour director Brett Ratner is attached as an executive producer, but the “Rush Hour” TV pilot is being written by “Cougar Town” creator Bill Lawrence and Blake McCormick. Lawrence and McCormick will also serve as the showrunners.

While the pilot order gives “Rush Hour” a shot at CBS’ Fall schedule, keep in mind that CBS ordered a “Beverly Hills Cop” pilot with Eddie Murphy in a supporting role that failed to find a place at the network. There is no guarantee that “Rush Hour” will go forward if CBS decides against it.

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However, “Super Clyde” is an example of the network giving a project a second chance. Greg Garcia created and produced a “Super Clyde” pilot during the 2013 development season with Harry Potter star Rupert Grint as a fast food worker who finds his calling as a superhero. Stephen Fry, Tyler Labine and Justine Lupe co-starred with Grint in the original “Super Clyde” pilot, but it’s unlikely that they will return for the new pilot.

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