HISTORY Greenlights Six One-hour Episodes Of Brett & Cliff Go To Hell

Brett & Cliff Go To Hell

After a successful pilot, HISTORY has greenlit six, one-hour episodes of “Brett & Cliff Go to Hell,” a historical survival series, with production starting in Roatan Island, Honduras.

The series follows adventurers Brett Rogers and Cliff Quinn as they re-live actual historical worst-case scenarios in six locations around the world. Filming the entire journey themselves, each one-hour episode will chronicle Brett and Cliff’s treacherous voyage as they pit themselves against history’s toughest men. Broadcast details will be announced at a later date.

“Brett and Cliff are two adrenaline junkies with a natural ability to tell a great story,” said Guy O’Sullivan, CEO and President of Proper Television. “We are pulling real-life survival stories from the history books, and having Brett and Cliff walk in the footsteps of history’s most bad-ass men. I wish them the best of luck…better them than me.”

The six episodes will be shot over six months, with each expedition being shot over seven days. Production began on Roatan Island, travelling back in time to 1723, with Brett and Cliff on the run from pirates. Dressed in authentic period clothing, with period tools and little food, they must survive a full seven days amongst the hordes of jungle insects, alligator-like caimans, and venomous coral snakes.  Brett and Cliff will also travel to Arizona, Louisiana, Manitoba and Newfoundland.

In addition to the six, one-hour episodes for broadcast, Proper Television will be producing additional digital videos for History.ca, bringing viewers up-close-and-personal with Brett and Cliff on their thrilling expeditions. Videos will include extended scenes, survival how-to’s, video diaries from Brett and Cliff, and an in-depth look into the period clothing and gear used on each of the expeditions. 

Photo: YouTube/Brett & Cliff Go to Hell