The B-Movies Podcast #206: Your Mother’s Cookies

The B-Movies Podcast Jennifer Lopez The Boy Next Door

While William “Bibbs” Bibbiani galavants willy-nilly around Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival – and while co-host of the Linoleum Knife podcast, Mr, Alonso Duralde does the same – we have decided to engage in a little Orange County swingers’ party partner swap. As such, the other co-host of Linoleum Knife, Mr. Dave White (of joins Witney Seibold on this week’s episode of The B-Movies Podcast! And, just to sweeten the deal, and to make things all the more professional, the two gentlemen will be joined by Christy Lemire of and

The three of them hunker down with tea and cookies to discuss the latest movie news (Dave doesn’t care), and the oddball details in The Boy Next Door, a film with a surprising amount of pastry. They also review the not-at-all-very-good Mortdecai, the even worse Strange Magic, and the Birdman also-ran The Humbling

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