Mortal Kombat X Character to be Revealed Thursday, Creator Announces


Ed Boon, Mortal Kombat creator and perpetual prankster, has finally given a serious announcement about Mortal Kombat X.

Twitter has been long abuzz about what this character could be, since Mr. Boon yesterday tweeted a picture of a character’s arm firing a bow. Because the only character to use a bow and arrow is Nightwolf, this has been the main focus. Nightwolf would make about as much sense as the last two character reveals (Kitana and Kung Lao), both of whom died (or seemingly died) in Mortal Kombat (2011).

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At the same time, Ed Boon’s teasing tweets about Mortal Kombat X are not to be trusted. Since tweeting the bow and arrow, Mr. Boon teased both Rain and a female character, and that’s forgetting the dozens of times he strung his followers along.

What could be at play here is the second part of his tweet with the “in depth gameplay demonstration.” NetherRealm Studios hasn’t revealed much about how the story gameplay or other game modes will work in Mortal Kombat X, so don’t be surprised if Thursday’s Twitch stream includes a peak into that side of the upcoming fighter.