The Most Erotic Word in the World is Four Letters Long (and It’s Not The One You’re Thinking Of)


A psychologist has analysed the contents of 300,000 works of erotica in order to discover the most commonly used “erotic word,” and the winner is…


Yup, cock is the most erotic word in the world. Was you expecting it to be something else? 

Mark Thornton is the man behind the data, and found that of the books he examined (two thirds of which were written by men) cock was by far the most frequently used word employed in the novels. Other popular words included:

  • Mom (oh God).
  • Mother (oh GOD). 
  • Pussy
  • Mouth
  • Asshole
  • Hand
  • Fuck
  • Finger
  • Dildo

Thornton compiled the popular words into a wordcloud, which sees the most frequently used words appear larger, with the sub-categories of the erotic fiction highlighted around the worldcloud’s edge. For instance, mom, mother and dad veer towards the incest/taboo sub-category (obviously) while asshole, anus and butt are closer to the “anal” category. However, cock remains firmly in the middle. It seems that the word is universal in its appeal. 

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Take a look at the wordcloud below:


According to Thorton, people between the ages of 33-50 are more likely to write BDSM novels than any other age group, while middle-aged men are more interested in anal and middle-aged women BDSM, group sex and erotic couplings.

Photo: Getty Images