Season 2 of Discovery’s Close Encounters Begins In February

Close Encounters

The popular UFO sightings show “Close Encounters,” which airs on Discovery, is back for a second season in February.

One million UFO sightings are reported each year, and while most can be debunked, 5% of these cases cannot be explained – “Close Encounters” profiles the most intriguing and convincing of these stories. The 14-part Canadian production from Toronto’s Newroad Media once again examines two stories per episode, combining dramatic recreations, CGI, and dynamic expert interviews to illuminate the planet’s most mystifying UFO encounters.

Highlights from the premiere episodes of “Close Encounters” Season 2 include:

“Lake Eerie” and “Phasers on Stun” – Friday, February 6th at 11pm

The evening’s first story (“Lake Eerie”) takes place around Lake Erie, Michigan in 1988. Henry Baker is driving home with his pregnant wife Sheila Baker and children when Sheila spots strange lights hovering over the lake. The family pulls over to witness a massive, steel grey, blimp-shaped craft with lights on either end. The second story (“Phasers on Stun”) takes place in 1963 when sisters Yolié and Yolanda are on their remote ranch near Trancas, Argentina. Late at night, the young housekeeper, Dora rushes to them terrified by lights she has seen outside the house. The trio discover  a metallic disc-shaped craft with a dome on top hovering near the gate to the farm. The craft emits a solid beam of light that Yolié is drawn to. She reaches out to touch the light when suddenly…

“British Invasion” and “School Daze” – Friday, February 6th at 11:30pm

In 1993, teenager Laura Sinclair is walking the family dog when she sees a large cylindrical object hovering in the sky above her. She races home to tell her family who believe it might be a secret military craft. Her father jumps into his car with Laura and her boyfriend to catch up with the craft when it mysteriously disappears. Then, in Crestview, Florida in 1967 (“School Daze”) school children witness multiple UFO sightings over the course of three days. On the second day, students and school staff are astonished when a large metallic object disappears into a tree and then almost immediately reappears in front of them.