Stephen Curry’s Unorthodox Way To Improve His Game


If you aren’t burning with curiosity, you should be. There are many methods that pro sports players use to keep their heads in the game and improve themselves. But then there’s Stephen Curry’s way.

For every turnover past the third infraction, Curry has to give his mom a hundred bucks. Does it work? Apparently so, because Stephen said it bothers him during the game, especially if he’s gone past three turnovers, at which point it begins to frustrate him even more than the game at hand.

What do you think? A little too unorthodox? Or potentially effective? If you turn the ball over more than 99.9% of the other players in the NBA, maybe anything’s worth a shot, including getting your money taken away from you…one lost possession at a time.

Thanks to NESN for this story.