Nina Arianda Marries Into ‘Hannibal’ Season 3

Nina Arianda

Last season on “Hannibal,” Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) was left lying in a pool of his own blood in the aftermath of Hannibal Lector’s (Mads Mikkelsen) escape. But there is some happiness coming for Will next season.

TVLine is reporting that Nina Arianda has been signed on a recurring basis for “Hannibal” Season 3 as Will Graham’s new wife, Molly. Kim Greist played Molly Graham in Manhunter, while Mary-Louise Parker took over the role in Red Dragon. Since Molly first appeared in Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon novel, it seems safe to assume that the second half of season 3 will follow the trajectory of the book.

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To introduce Molly into the series, “Hannibal” Season 3 will feature a time jump in episode 8. In this incarnation, Molly was a single mother when she married Will and she helped him rebuild his life outside of the FBI. According to TVLine, Molly will encourage Will to return to the FBI to help save lives.

Arianda previously co-starred in the Broadway play, Venus in Fur opposite Dancy. She has also appeared in “30 Rock,” “Hostages” and “The Good Wife.”

“Hannibal” Season 3 will premiere this summer on NBC.