The Sun Newspaper Gets Rid of its Page Three Topless Photos


The Sun has brought an end to the topless photos of women it typically displayed in the Page Three section of the newspaper, after a campaign was launched to convince the tabloid to do so.

The move will see the topless images be removed from the newspaper this week, though they will still be published on The Sun’s website. The campaign No More Page Three continued to push for the paper, owned by News Corp, to remove the images from its pages, with The Sun eventually removing them from the weekend editions of the tabloid. According to the Times, which is owned by the same publishers, it will now completely pull the feature following Friday’s edition.

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The Sun has not commented on the move, though Shadow Culture Secretary Harriet Harman said on Radio 4 that she will ensure the removal of Page Three “won’t be quiet”.

“We do think that, in a newspaper that is about news, the idea of a girl standing there in her knickers with some sort of pseudo political quote really is not the representation of women’s role in this country that I want to see”, Harman said.


The campaign ‘No More Page Three’ has helped to get rid of the feature from the newspaper.

“I know people kept saying ‘Turn the page, don’t look at it if you don’t want to see it’ – it missed the point that it was having an impact on our society. The sexualisation, the objectification of women in this way was basically saying to all of us that what mattered, frankly, were our breasts not our brains.

“Challenging that and saying the impact of just letting this stuff lie, of saying that somehow it’s some great British institution like James Bond and moaning about the weather, that’s not the world we wanted to live in anymore.”

Page Three has been a staple of The Sun newspaper for 44 years, though it has been the subject of much controversy in recent years due to its sexualisation of women in the context of what claims to be a reputable news source.

Header Image: The Sun