Amber Rose Breaks Instagram with Her Bikini Photos


Y’know what we’ve just found out are a thing? Thong monokinis. Y’know what we want to see more of? Thong monokinis.

Amber Rose caused her Instagram followers to suffer severe fractures in their collective jaws after she posted a series of images of her in a skimpy monokini on Saturday, that caused chins to crash to the ground worldwide.

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The images, accompanied by the captions “MILFIN,” “FLEEKIN” and “SLAYIN” (we don’t really know what any of those words mean) see Amber enjoying the view from a balcony somewhere evidently so hot that people need wear only string material over their buttocks. We hope she was using plenty of sun lotion.

The images attracted nearly 2 million likes between them. I guess a lot of people really enjoyed the filters she applied. Or they just really like butts. Yeah, it’s probably that.

Check out the photos in the gallery below. It’s probably best that you’re sitting down for this.